Laurie Roche

Strategic Director - Brand & Creative


Laurie is an award-winning creative with a wealth of experience crafting identities for businesses and projects, equipping clients with visual tools to communicate and bring their brands to life. With a background in design and communications, her work reflects the importance of the message as well as the communication vehicle. While her experience working in industries with technically dense data has honed her ability to simplify and communicate complex information.

As a strategic visual communicator, she led the creative direction for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Conference and designed the award-winning Key Issues for the New Parliament, a book for MPs examining key issues facing Parliament. In addition, Laurie has successfully delivered design and brand campaigns for the Houses of Parliament, Transport for London and Hertfordshire and Suffolk museum, and shaped and implemented change management campaigns for Transport for London and UK Parliament.

At Copper, Laurie leads on brand development for clients and delivers strategic design services. She is also Copper’s brand guardian, leading on the design of corporate materials and delivering an internal training programme to guide and mentor colleagues on creative services. Laurie also plays an integral part in Copper’s business development, contributing fresh ideas to evolve our product and service offering and supporting the new business process for creative services.